Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday German News

Ships captain arrested/detained: Focus article.  I chatted on this ship rented by the alt-right folks, for the Med....which was to pick pick up migrants and return them to Libyan soil.  Well, today, Focus noted that the Captain and First Mate were detained while in the port of Famagusta (North Cyprus, part of Turkey).  It's said that the ships crew didn't have the right entry permits.  The vessel has been rented for approximately four months (remainder of summer period).  My guess is that the ship will sit for a while a new Captain is dispatched.  At some point, they were supposed to arrive in Silicy and pick up the support team.

Hamburg stabbing: Focus article.  Friday afternoon.  Guy walked into a Tedi grocery in NE Hamburg.....stabbed and killed one guy....wounded a couple, then got jumped on somewhere outside of the shop by customers or locals.  He yelled 'akbar' once or twice so it's assumed at this point that he might be a radical.

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