Monday, July 17, 2017

German News, Monday Morning

The Berlin Airport crisis:  If you look at the numbers which N-TV's safe to say that the new BER Airport (which was to help close down the decades old two airports around the city.....which one must admit that it's still complete and years late) NOT going to be sufficient to carry the bulk of Berlin air traffic. A fair amount of talk going on about either renovating or completely rebuilding Tegel Airport.....something that would have shocked people back ten years ago.  City leadership is almost invisible on this topic and it's likely to turn into a major mess with the next decade....with people having to take the train out to Leipzig or get a flight out of the country.

Bio-farming booming:  ARD wrote an fairly interesting report which centers on the new peak of bio-farming in Germany....roughly 7.5 percent of farmable land being used for bio-crops.  Roughly 27,000 bio farms exist now in Germany.  So far, both the German political forces and the EU have not written tons of regulation to hinder the bio farm idea.

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