Sunday, July 30, 2017

German Summer TV

On my list of a dozen lousy or crappy things about the state of summer television options.  It does't matter if one talks about commercial TV or public's generally the same from early July to almost the end of August....what is considered the prime summer vacation period for most Germans.  Around the end of August....then suddenly come this massive line-up of five or six shows each evening....that you'd like to have enough to view or tape.

I sat last night (Saturday) and among the twelve prime-time shows possible.....there were two cartoons, a game-show, two krimi-shows, and a couple of US cop shows.  If you drifted down into the regional was mostly schlager musical shows, interview shows from the past three years, Garfield the Cartoon, and another rerun of Kindergarden Cop.

The working-class public accepts this for the most part.  A lot of folks will bar-b-q or have a patio grill session with friends or the TV isn't on.  Some Germans take off in this period for two or three weeks, and the viewing audience is a lot less than it'd be for the other ten months of the year.  It does make economic sense.

The teens?  Well....they've mostly shifted into streaming TV, and avoid this whole situation.

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