Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Barn-door Solution

Generally, after you wake up at 6AM on a farm, and survey the shenanigans that cows or horses have done come to the broken barn door situation.  A dozen cows have left your barn through creative analysis, a weakened and old door, and stubborn determination.  To be truthful, you can probably find twenty different issues....of which one is the marginal and cheap pine-wood that you used to rebuild the door back four years after the last 'grand' escape.

So you stand there for ten minutes looking at the mess, then form a plan.  It usually has two priorities.  First, you need to round up the escapees and return them to your property.  Second, this barn-door has to be rebuilt or totally replaced.  You might stand and calculate the money you are willing to spend, or the anger of spending two hours hustling up lost cattle or horses.

You turn now to the immigration, asylum and refugee situation in Germany.  It's really too late to go and pull out the forty different screw-ups by the political folks or the leadership....since 2013.  In this case, I've come to ten basic points to resolve or move ahead.

1.  In the matter of appeals on failed visa applications and the overloading of the German court system.  The Bundestag needs to form up a single line of court judges (made up of mostly retired judges) and give them only one single handled the failed visa applications.  The law needs to state that you get one single appeal opportunity.  The law probably needs to state that a failed application on a lack of a ID or passport....isn't appealed.

2.  The Bundestag needs a law which says that if your visa application fails and you have any criminal record (theft, drug-sales, etc), or that you are in the system as a salafist-minded get picked up that day of the noted failure and delivered to a controlled environment (don't call it a refugee center or a prison).  The facility will have fences and walls, and you will stay there, if necessary, for months or years, until your repatriation to your home country can occur.  People without a criminal record or salafist background, can remain as they are until their date of the flight.

3.  Newcomers into Germany.  Unless the individual is from a war-zone (Iraq or Syria)....stop processing paperwork on individuals who arrive.  Tell them their only chance for a visa is to stop at the German embassy in the home-country, and fill out the paperwork....then wait for approval.

4.  Make it a blunt law.  Immigration or asylum for individuals with mental issues will not be possible.

5.  Make it a blunt law that if any German state (of the 16) has unemployment over seven-percent....bringing immigrants or migrants into the state will be halted until the unemployment rate goes down.

6.  Underage migrants or immigrants.  Unless you really want to operate a major child-care operation, with potentially thousands of fraudulent juveniles.....just stop it.  Return the child to his country.  If the country won't take him....find an alternate facility to just hold them. Use the threat of no future visas for the country if they aren't cooperative about taking their teenagers back.

7.  Once the cops arrest a drug-dealer who is identified as a migrant or immigration-center resident....remove the guy from local prosecutor or local judge jurisdiction.  Assign a lawyer team at the state level and special judges to handle their cases.  If you don't have enough drug-dealers on the street...fine, just let things go as they are....but I would suspect if you asked the locals, they will tell you that they really don't need more drug-dealers on their city streets.

8.  Post the statistics.  Let the public in Tunisia know that there's only a 20-percent group which will get approved on visa application, and the rest will fail.  Explain in public why this statistical difference exists and why each region has different numbers.

9.  Write one clear immigration, asylum and migration policy.  It's something that doesn't exist today.  Maybe you would want to explain to the public why you don't desire to have one clear policy.

10.  Disconnect the EU from your immigration, asylum and migration policy.  Their legend is writing bureaucratic material and dictating from the fine city of Brussels.  Let them write regulation over vacuum cleaners or coffee-makers....not immigration.

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