Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Thursday Germany News

Court burden.  ARD article.  Good video piece which talks to the 250,000 cases now in front of the German administrative court system, over failed BamF visa application.  Migrants and immigrants who thought it was a completely open door in Germany....discovered along the way that there is application paperwork, and that there is a approval or disapproval process.  The 250,000 suggest that their failed applications are the result of poor work at BamF.  The court?  One can only take a guess that it might take up to five years to clear all of these cases unless some special court is convened and starts a quick process of review.  No one is saying how the review of the 250,000 might might assume that the vast majority will be stamped 'failed' and then go onto some German Supreme Court review.  If you really wanted to screw the German legal system....appealing this process to the highest court would do the job.

VW and the cartel talk.  ARD article.  So, what's developed over the past week is this accusation that VW, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes and BMW all conspired and ran a cartel.  The angle of the group?  Develop the agenda to market their cars mostly into the US (meaning diesel engines mostly).  It's interesting that Opel and Ford aren't in this group (neither were marketing their vehicles into the US).  What likely happens?  I suspect a truth-commission will have to be staged and burn up 12-to-18 months of time.  This hurts the brand-name image for a couple of car-makers, and VW in particular.

Frankfurt new blitz camera.  HR article.  Curious developmental project for speed control.  Frankfurt cops have a little trailer operation with a speed camera that you can tow up and set down into place.  Cost? 120,000 Euro.  One might wonder how secure it is....being a trailer, and if it might be stolen after a few weeks.

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