Tuesday, July 18, 2017

UK Vote Problem

It'll be discussed for weeks, but it's apparent now in the UK, from the last election.....that numerous university students may have voted twice.  The Daily Mail lays out the story.

The basic theme is that university students have two addresses....their home address and the dorm address.  A huge surge of university students registering in the last election may have shifted votes around and given the Labour Party more votes than they'd normally get.

Fixing or correcting this?  Well....if they used the current law already in place....establishing the second vote did occur.....then 5,000 pounds would be the fine.  My guess is that the government will waste months and years trying to write some new law to fix the situation....rather than using the laws already existing.  If you went to some university student and said here's the evidence and we want you to pay the 5,000 pounds....they'd likely freak out.  But they've done this to themselves.

How many votes were done in this manner?  No one can be sure.  There were 500,000 more votes than in 2015.  Oddly, if they'd done this practice in 2016 for BREXIT....their double-vote scheme would have changed the outcome entirely.

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