Friday, January 12, 2018

School Changes

My regional network.....HR (Hessen public TV) put up a story this morning and talked over a topic which suggests several things.  The topic?  Local international schools which are having slots reserved in the next coming year.....mostly because of BREXIT and more British bankers expected in Frankfurt.

No one mentions the bank names, or how many student positions that they are talking about....just that it's more than just a few.

Right now, if you look over the whole region and summer 2018 registration...there's a growth of ten-percent expected which adds up to 600 new students.  That's strictly in the Frankfurt area alone....not counting Naurod, Oberursel, or Dreieich. 

English is the primary language at the international schools in Germany.

General cost?  For the private schools, it generally runs near 20k Euro. 

The question would BREXIT going to have a major effect on Frankfurt?  Back a year ago....folks were talking about 10,000 employees coming in this big huge wave, with some folks skeptical about that number.  If you counted might add easily up to 25,000 British folks in the local area after BREXIT.  But there's no concert way of saying this fair sized number will occur.

Are the upper income folks residing in Frankfurt?  Generally, no.  Most folks with a real income will live in outlying communities to the north and west of Frankfurt (getting close to Wiesbaden). 

Would 25,000 British folks arriving in Frankfurt or the region change the character of the area?  My guess is yes.  You'd find pubs going up....specialized Brit groceries....etc.

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