Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Diesel Ban and Wiesbaden

I noted in today's news that the 'lord-mayor' spoke up (SPD guy) and said that he was all focused on the potential ban allowance on diesel cars in Germany, and Wiesbaden would eventually head this way.

Then he kinda noted that they really wanted to make public transportation work, and his plan would revolve around a one-Euro per day all-day ticket in the city (in Mainz too).  Course, then he mentioned....he would need the Berlin federal government to cover his cost....because that one-Euro a day by each person....wouldn't do much of anything to cover the real costs of his dream.

Behind all of this?  Massive taxation to rise if all of these cities went to some revamped massive public transportation gimmick on the diesel car crisis. 

In a way, it's some great dream by a bunch of 5th grade mentality kids....if we could just build a chocolate factory....then we'd all have as much chocolate as we desire. 


sanguine simison said...

What a mess.

R Hammond said...

All of this started with some German environmentalists who ran off to the EU about 20 to 30 years ago, and said there ought to be some clean air standard. No one ever took into consideration that except for Portugal....Germany is the number one user of diesel cars in Europe. So the EU kept making standards (never really consulting with VW or the car-makers) and assuming they'd keep making better cleaner cars. Ten years ago....VW kinda reached a point where the technology was stalled. Pollution numbers were high and people kept asking questions. So it all leads back.

The problem now....going to the harsh answer of banning...the whole transportation network is unable to flex and carry this kind of load. Doesn't matter what city you talk about....they'd need tens of billions and at least two or three years to carry the passenger load required. The fact that Berlin leadership refuses to participate, and is going to allow the two major cities flexing their muscles to stumble and fall....is more than evident.

Both Dusseldorf and Stuttgart now have to find some way to resolve this and not trigger some massive local crisis. All of this....will go badly for the Greens if they don't resolve it.

sanguine simison said...

Holy crap, you do read the comments. I’ll have to remember that.

Anyway, do you think the AfD will try to exploit the anger over this ban? Or anyone who would like to take a slice of the Greens/SPD power in these cities?

R Hammond said...

So far, at least via Berlin leadership...none of the parties (even the AfD) have made much of a public statement. I think part of this is to allow the cities to stumble upon themselves and trigger public frustration. In the case of these cities...yes, both the Greens and the SPD would get blame if their game falls through. They seem to have thought that Merkel would have dumped a lot of money (she allow some fund to be created and cash flowed for Green projects along along city roadways) or taken some big step, and she seems to be on the no-action strategy.

sanguine simison said...

Interesting. I wonder if the cities' leadership is starting to panic with the lack of national action to support them.

R Hammond said...

I think they (roughly 30 major cities) were in absolute belief that Merkel would come with the federal leadership and just bribe the heck out of them...maybe a hundred billion Euro over five years....for their 'projects'. She'd have to come and save the poor diesel drivers and ensure that all banning were a federal thing and not a city-by-city thing.

Well...in this poker game, they lost. She did agree to a five-city experiment to provide a major amount of money for free transportation. You can figure it'll take four years for the future extent to unfold...tram routes built....buses delivered, and a evaluation. It'll prove that it might convince that 80-percent of a city can do strictly mass transit (my opinion) and that outlying suburbs/villages 20 km away can't go past 10-percent without more mass funding. You'd bankrupt the country trying to make this grid work.

They sit there now and will have to backtrack. I don't think a total ban on diesel cars will come to exist. Newer vehicles (Euro-6 type) will be given free access in the end. And various main avenues into cities will be forbidden for the older version diesel cars...so they will go and find other routes, thus putting the pollutants in new areas. If they'd put more effort into engineering...I think a filter device would have arrived in 12 months, and you'd just go and pay 2,000 Euro out of state funds for the older car transformation.

It's all just a big opera...to be entertained by (as long as you aren't a diesel car owner).