Friday, February 23, 2018

The Qatar Story

Late today, if you follow German sports news....there is a bit of news that popped up that will shock most German soccer fans.

For roughly four years, there's a settled situation over the 2022 World Cup deal....Qatar.  Most everyone felt that this was a stupid decision, and some amount of corruption was involved.  Meanwhile, folks just accepted this and Qatar went about building enough stadiums to handle the deal.

Well....the corruption factor has come back up, and now?  There's talk today that a alternate plan is being pursued....where the games will be offered to England or the US.

The FIFA organization will convene late this summer and make a decision over this.  The full membership....not the twenty-four countries in the primary leadership function....will vote.

If FIFA moves the games?  No one has said much but you would think that Qatar come around to sue in court, and damage some kind of pay-off.  But the court episode would bring up the corruption side of this, and publicly damage both FIFA and Qatar.

The odds that the full FIFA vote will go for Qatar to remain the choice?  I would suggest it's about a fifty-shot on this occurring.

A big deal?  If you asked most German guys about'll be highly discussed in sports circles this week, and everyone will have an opinion.  German women?  Less than five-percent will really care much about the topic. 

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