Thursday, March 15, 2018

Bannon and the European 'Kingdom'

I sat the last decade looking over Breitbart (at least since 2010, but it's been around since 2007 in some form or another).  The original guy carrying the weight was Andrew Breitbart, and after that, Steve Bannon. 

What Breitbart did was reshuffle the entire perspective of people to ask more difficult questions.  They asked questions that conservative political figures really weren't prepared for.  They asked questions that liberal political figures really didn't want to answer in public forums.  They asked journalists questions which pushed the general slant or tactics of the reporter into a tailspin. In some ways, we needed this thought process to occur and make people simply think about politics as something beyond theatrics or just acting.

Bannon was let go by Trump, for several reasons.  My suspicion is that Trump had his vision going ahead and really didn't want to complicate it with Bannon-like questions.

Most folks thought that Bannon would just kind of slide off, and disappear.  Last month....he started to appear in Europe.  He's talking of a European publication.  He's talking with various groups.  Some liberal journalists are hyped up.....Bannon 'needs to be stopped'.  Bannon will wreck stability within Europe.  You can find various ways that the story is spun.

Why any of this matters now? have only 15 months until the EU election.  For Bannon....he might actually be able to influence 25-percent of the outcome, and put various conservative political parties into the EU mix of things.  That would mean a number of EU folks would have to return home, and find real jobs.  It also might mean that it gets tougher to arrange votes and bring change to the EU.

Bannon a threat?  Bannon brings skeptical nature to a room.  If things are ought to appear that way, but when you admit things aren't that swell....well, then you need to ask why.

"Whisperer and Manipulator"? 

That was part of the description given by ARD (German public TV) journalists back in January over Bannon.  He whips up the public.....he gives them funny ideas.....he causes people to be skeptical....he openly labels some conservatives as fakes....he suggests that the news media might actually slant the news or lie to your face.  The list goes on and on.

So, the kingdom is in disruption.  Fear is flowing around Europe and Bannon might bring his 'circus' in and whip some enthusiasm.  The fact that the circus has been active for fifty-odd years?  The fact that folks already believe most of European politics is fake?  Well....yeah, it's best not to bring these factors.  Bannon is simply reshuffling the deck of cards and triggering people to ask more questions.  And the folks at the top would prefer not to answer the questions.

The end result?  Bannon has around fifteen months to go around and talk to people.  The result will be what happens in the EU election, and it might surprise some people. 

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