Thursday, May 17, 2018

SPD Continuous Falling Trend

If you go browsing around Focus magazine news today in Germany....they hyped a feature (short in nature) on the national political situation.

A Hamburg Opinion Research Institute says a fair-sized swing has occurred.

The CDU stands at 34-percent.

The SPD has fallen to 16-percent (an all-time low).

The AfD stands at 14-percent, with the Greens at 12-percent and the Linke Party at 10-percent.  The FDP is at 9-percent.

What happened to the SPD?  Their 'brand' isn't selling.  It doesn't matter what they say on TV or present to the's not having much of anything on Merkel or the CDU. 

The problem here?  If they fall down to around 14-percent....votes will likely have shifted to the Linke and Green folks, and you will have three groups fighting over the liberal votes, and who is 'liberal-enough'.

The leadership change by the SPD over the past four months?  Zero affect.  That's the fascinating part of the story. 

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