Monday, June 4, 2018

Bavaria 'Airways'?

It's a bit comical and got dragged around by various news media sources in Germany over the past couple of days.

The basic story is that Bavaria (the state itself) has gotten angry over the pace of getting failed immigrants out of Germany.  Part of the issue is the airlines and pilots who have the ability to say 'no' when the immigrant is led to the ramp.  I won't suggest that it happens often but it's getting to a point where the cops are angry and frustrated over the amount of wasted time.

So the Premier-President of Bavaria has said 'fine'.....let's go and contract out our own plane to get rid of these people. It would be standing by with a contracted crew who understand the money-making option of the deal, and they could probably throw on ninety individuals. 

The news media has taken this to be a joke and kinda laugh about it, but I suspect that it'll happen by late summer, and by next spring....another state will be considering the same option.  All of this....leads back to the German federal government, and their failure of leadership to allow this mess to reach this current level. 

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