Monday, June 25, 2018

Fake German News Story

It is a bit humorous.  I sat and read an ARD (Channel One, public TV in Germany) business report chatting on Harley Davidson.  They wanted to hype on the issue of the German tariff, and that the motorcycle company was now relocating outside of the US to manufacture all of it's motorcycles (previously 'some' were manufactured outside of the US).

The thing about this movement of Harley Davidson to make ALL of its cycles outside of the US?  This decision was started at least five years ago....not now by the German tariff action.  The locations where they had the plants established?  India, Thailand, and Brazil.  All with a cheap labor market. 

Fake story?  For the most part.  It helps to convince a German that their tariffs are going to harm the US and force jobs out of the US.  This whole planning process started back in the Obama period and is simply part of the long-term strategy of Harley Davidson.  In particular, you can look over medical costs in India, Thailand and Brazil, and figure that employees with the company don't have much to worry about in terms of escalating healthcare prices.

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