Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Italy in the News

Italy has been for two weeks, on the front pages of various newspapers.  There is a bit hyped up talk over politics.

I noticed yesterday....the new incoming Interior Minister (Salvini) spoke up and said that failed visa applicants had better "get ready to pack up your bags". 

Some folks have interpreted this to suggest that a significant change is about to occur, and some dramatic migration episode will unfold.

At the end of 2017....there were around 140,000 migrants/immigrants in 'line' and waiting on some status or approval.  The general rejection rate (2017) is near 58-percent. 

As for the likely scenario?  Summer has arrived and it wouldn't surprise me if you start to see thousands of migrants/asylum seekers in Italy suddenly shift and head toward the German border.  Fifty-thousand in a matter of a month?  I could imagine that number. 

I think part of this agenda being played out by Italy is to fix their 'problem' by having everyone just up and disappear.  The Germans would be left to tend to the issue and resolve it within the Merkel agenda. 

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