Friday, June 8, 2018

My Humble View on the Linke Party

In recent weeks, there's been some hyped-up leadership push-back within the Linke Party.  For those unfamiliar with the German political's the left-wing group that is made up of pro-union folks, the former Communist Party of East Germany, and the extreme-left enthusiasts.  To herd their voters....they have a leadership chain of four individuals:Katja Kipping, Bernd Riexinger, Sahra Wagenknecht and Dietmar Bartsch.

Why do you need four at the top of the chart?  Well....there's internal turmoil.

The youth arm of the organization probably leans more toward the young and energetic Kipping.  The union folks probably lean more to Bartsch.  For TV appeal across a broad audience, Wagenknecht is preferred.  Riexinger is the grand old statesman type.

Some folks in the party want to edge Wagenknecht out.  Chief reason?  They see her leaving the party in the fall, and making up her own party (like Macon). If she did?  Well....there's often debate about how many points it would trigger.  The Linke Party can probably mount a 11-percent national trend.  If Wagenknecht did walk out....I think she could take half of the voters, and swipe a minimum of two-points from the SPD (they are fairly weak right now anyway) this Wagenknecht-out-of-thin-air party might exist with eight-percent of the national vote, and the Linke Party might be weakened enough that they'd fail the 5-percent or better deal in the national election (pretty lousy results if that occurs).

Does this turmoil help or hurt?  I would suggest it's more of entertainment value than anything else.  This group of four, if you ever get them into one room and debating.....all will argue over who is 'left-enough' or 'socialist enough'. 

The odds of the Linke Party still existing in ten years?  Up until this point, I would have said very likely they'd be around.  But presently, with this Wagenknecht party's possible that the Linke Party will be non-existing by 2028. 

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