Thursday, June 21, 2018

Polling in the Pfalz

Focus (the German news magazine) noted that a regional poll was done for the Rhineland Pfalz area (no, they aren't into the election mode or's just a test of where the political parties stand in regional politics).

The shock of this poll is that the winner of the last election....the SPD Party.....has fallen to 29 percent in the polls.

The CDU....up a few points to 31 percent, thus leading the pact (if there was an election today).

But then there's the AfD Party with 13 percent in third place, and the Linke Party with five percent.  The Greens?  With 11 percent.  The FDP?  With 7 percent.

There is some expectation (a basic rumor) that the SPD Party might go for a new Premier-President (replacing Dryer) in the next year or two.

A continuing sign of poor SPD standing across the various sixteen states?  For the most part, yes.

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