Saturday, June 30, 2018

Snowden in the News

This week, via N-TV (German commercial news), there's an interview with Edward Snowden (NSA file dumper).

It probably wouldn't amount to much in news value, except he kinda notes that he's not that happy in Russia, and that he has long figured that Chancellor Merkel would offer him asylum in Germany.

It hasn't happened for two basic reasons, with my humble beliefs:

1.  If you use the Dublin Agreement.....where you land, is where you declare for asylum, and he landed in Moscow.  Legally, Germany fulfilled it's obligation.  

2.  If they had gone to accept Snowden, it would have drawn the negativity of the Obama Administration. we are....2018, and negativity already in full swing with the Trump Administration.

Snowden's German lawyer is still pressing for an asylum deal.  

I kinda believe in the next six months, as part of the new anti-Trump saga....Germany will find some way of accepting Snowden, and he'll be on German soil by early 2019.  Then you will start to see Snowden dragged out and giving his piece of the anti-US story.  At some point in 2019.....the new anti-NSA slant will start up with the Green Party, the Linke Party and the SPD Party.  All of this will lead onto the political strategy for the 2021 election....anti-Trump.  

In a way, it is a repeat of the Schroder attempt (20 years ago) to stage the election without much talk over the economy or any other topic....other than anti-Bush commentary.  

So, settle back and prepare for the arrival of Snowden.  

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