Saturday, June 2, 2018

The EU 'Gift' To Germany

Its a page two type story that most Germans will miss, but I noticed this getting mentioned from ARD (Channel One, public TV in Germany).

The EU stood up yesterday and wanted go forward with this nifty idea for Germany and it's migrant/immigrant issue. 

There will be a 'gift' to Germany of about 4.8 billion Euro as compensation....for the recent crisis.

The wording here is that Germany would get paid around 2,800 Euro for each non-EU resident that came through and 'stayed' for 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

The current estimate?  Around 1.7 million....more or less.

Now, there are several things which you might sit and notice.  First....this money would come from the EU pot for all twenty-eight nations....for regional and structural funds.  It's not out of thin's actual money that would have built bridges, tunnels, and roads. 

The second thing is that the 2,800 Euro per year....doesn't really figure in those on welfare, or job-training costs.  So it's a 'drop' in the bucket. Most Germans will laugh over the difference but money is free money.

The third only covers this period.  For the next budget'd have to pass via the EU member states (27, minus the UK of course), and some folks aren't exactly that eager to help Germany out.  So it might be a one-time-only deal.

The fourth thing....which few in the German media talk about that Germany has to pay the Turks roughly two to three billion Euro a 'hold back the smugglers'.  Yep, this EU money won't even do much to cover that. 

So you have to ask yourself.....won't the various EU members get peeved that Germany is being awarded money for some act that they consider naive and not well-planned?  That's the curious would enter EU election year and folks might sit and discuss this at length how the Germans got this deal, and it could screw up the normal voting patterns.

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