Monday, June 4, 2018

US Ambassador Story

I noticed that the new US ambassador to Germany got himself into the news, and 'hot water' already.

The basic story?  From Focus, the news magazine....Ambassador Richard Grenell did a interview with 'Breitbart in London (not in Germany), and clearly noted that he wanted to stand up and speak for the conservatives in Europe.

Naturally, the SPD Party-led German Foreign Office got all peppy and made a 'demand' to come and speak to them.

What he meant?  I thought it was kinda clear....he said he wants to speak to conservative issues that involve the common working man and their lives.  The perception by the SPD-led foreign office?  They think he wants to get involved in elections, and affect outcomes.

What happens now? really don't know.  They may interview him and the German foreign office may reach a point where they demand that he leaves Germany.  In my humble opinion, that would probably go and create a massive mess for the Germans to later clean up.

For example....if they forced him to leave, wouldn't President Trump go and hand the papers to the German ambassador in Washington to leave as well?  Oh....well....yeah, that might occur.

The various US consulates in Germany?  The last time I looked, besides the embassy in Berlin, there are five consulates (Hamburg, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Munich, and Dusseldorf).  If the President wanted to take an additional step....he could go and shut down one or two of these in a permanent way.

The problem then starts to come up that Chancellor Merkel isn't really capable or able to control the theme and would just be watching this unfold, with no clear leadership ability to demonstrate.  In effect, Chancellor Merkel would be 'merkling' this (the German word for mostly observing and not doing anything to affect an outcome).

The other problem here, which I doubt that the SPD Party and their leadership grasp.....the common working German really isn't impressed by some politicized fight with the US or the dumping of a US ambassador.  If you were looking for points to be gained or lost....I see this as a point-loser, and figure they' could trim off another two-percent of their national standing in polls, and doing this just a couple of months prior to the Hessen/Bavaria state elections?  Yeah, that might not be that smart.

The odds that the President would even replace the guy, if they forced him to leave?  It wouldn't surprise me if they brought him back and just left the chair vacant (possibly up to 2024).

All of this politicized business is foolish on various levels, but the level of weakened public perception of German politics is what really drives this.  There is frustration by the general public over the priorities taken by the parties, and that feeling that they really don't represent the common working individual is a continual reminder.

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