Sunday, June 24, 2018

What Merkel Expects Out of the Emergency EU Meeting?

Basically, with sixteen members sitting there (out of the 28 member EU), she needs three things to occur.

1 The EU agreement existing since the early 1990s which says if you land in x-country, you must claim asylum there, and not go off menu-hunting for your best 'deal'.....needs to end. 

2.  There needs to be a EU directive that says EU members would have no choice on accepting immigrants and migrants.

3.  Finally, there can be no differences between economic-migrants and war-time asylum seekers.  In this logic, they are one and the same.

The odds here?  Well....there's serious confrontations existing with half the EU members over pieces and parts of what I've just mentioned.  Most think a 'reward' system needs to be implemented, where you would get more EU money, if you just accepted more migrants.  Some folks laugh at the idea, but intellectuals think it would work.

If nothing serious occurs?  Well....CSU's Seehofer wins, and he starts to implement the features he suggested.  The SPD?  They'd like to stop this, and the cost would be the CSU leaving the coalition....meaning either Merkel has a new election called, or she finds the Green Party a deal where they'd accept a coalition deal with the CDU and SPD group.  If this were to happen?  I think a great deal of CDU voters would ask questions.  Would the Greens be getting the Interior Ministry slot?  More than likely.  All of the Seehofer ideas?  Gone.  The Green minister would also be in charge of BamF....the agency handling migration requests. 

The idea of a new election?  Something that the CDU folks and SPD members absolutely don't want.

Yeah, it's a five-star circus event, and it can't get much better.

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