Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Martin

The European Pine Martin is this nifty little creature that you might bump into via some unusual circumstances, while living in Germany.  For Americans....he's about the size of a squirrel....generally friendly, but you don't want to pet him or try to house-train him.

Here's the thing....he loves cabling on cars.  He'll chew on just about any type of cabling that you can find.

So you walk out of your your two-year old car, and discover that it won't start.  The ADAC guy comes out....eventually after thirty minutes....he points to a cable which has been chewed on, and says "Martin".  So now you know what the heck he is referring to.

What can you do?  Well....parking your car in the garage is recommended.  If you can't do that.....then visit your local car parts store and discuss Martins with them.  They generally have a spray, which you spray around the bottom of the car, and for a couple of'll work.  Yeah, you might eventually need a bottle every two months.

Generally, you don't have them unless you live near a forested area or a farm region.  Living in the 'burbs'?  Don't's doubtful that they will ever show up.

Don't blame every car issue on the Martins.  You can still have a bad battery or a cable that just plain broke.  But once the ADAC guy or the Mechanic says better get smart on the little creature.  He will return.

I should add....the ammonia trick and the Louisiana Hot Sauce to a lesser degree.  I've known people to try both.  The Hot Sauce idea tends to be expensive....even if you mix in a fashion of twenty percent hot sauce and eighty percent water.

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