Sunday, August 5, 2012

Libertarians in Germany?

Zeke Turner put out an interesting article in the SFGate....which brings up the topic of libertarians in Germany.  Frankly, if you walked around a decade'd be awful hard to find anyone who could even describe a libertarian, let along....say that they might be of that political persuasion.

Over the past couple of years, with economic upheaval and some pretty heavy discussion over politics, business, and economics.....there is this small trend building over libertarians.  Some Germans are finally getting around and asking stupid questions of banks, businesses, and politicians.  The answers aren't making them happy.

In 1957 when Atlas Shrugged came out....the public came face to face with a book which posed some interesting scenarios, and triggered people to think about what was going on around themselves.

To be honest, I have the prospective that most Germans are firmly entrenched into political stance A, B, C, or D.  There's around forty different political cookie "forms" in existence in Germany....with six of them substantial or national.  The rest?  Minor league operations, but if you were truly unique in your political thought'd likely find a party in existence....who'd welcome you to their monthly meetings and perhaps even make you a village representative for the party.

The concept of being a libertarian would be a problem in Germany.  The chief thought of a that there ought to be almost no government at all....or the just basic functions at best.  Anything beyond that....simply isn't required, if you believe in the concept.  For a German.....that's asking a lot.  Germans want rules, laws, and standards.  It'd be almost impossible to conceive of a local government having only limited rule and almost no standards.

How would you build bike paths?  How would limit noise for beer fests?  How would you limit teenagers out on the street after ten at night?  How could you allow farmer markets to operate by just throwing open the local park?

The other side of this thinking might interest Germans.  For example....with all the rules that existed.... economic and bank failures in 2008 still occurred.  With the thousands of pages of safety regulations for the autobahn....a thousand-odd folks still die by some violation of the regulations.  With all the gun control rules that stand in place....nuts still come to acquire guns and shoot innocent Germans.

My guess is that Germans could come in some small numbers....maybe five embrace libertarians ideals.  A political party out of this?  I kind of doubt it....if you already have forty parties, why invent yet another party?

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