Wednesday, June 23, 2021


 About a month ago, I wrote an essay over a gal arrested for the protest here in Hessen....over the forest being cut to continue construction of the A49 autobahn.  

Because of the attacks on the police while the 'cutting' was taking place....she was arrested.  

Well...she didn't want to provide an ID of who she was.  German?  No....she has an accent (seen in interviews) and she's been held in jail the entire time since the arrest (7 months).  To this point, no one has any idea who she really is.

Today, the court episode appears she will get 2 years in prison.  

If she had just protested and avoided physical harm on the officers?  I doubt if she would have gotten any more than a fine.  

HR carries a decent update over the event.  

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

C02 Tax?

 This new C02 tax coming down in the next year or two in Germany?  You remember how I explained that the CDU-CSU and SPD folks were working on the deal that the tax would be split among the owner/renter....50-50?

You might also remember that I laid out that most owners did not want to pay on the tax, and most hinted that they'd raise compensate for this additional tax on them? big deal came down, and the two groups could NOT get the deal done.  So the renter will pay the entire C02 tax themselves.  The owner/landlord is out of this mess.

Irking a number of Germans?  OH YEAH.

It'll be discussed for weeks, but in another ten days or so....the politicians all go off on summer leave, so they don't care.

Public view of the upcoming C02 tax?  Well....the news folks haven't polled anyone, and its hard to say that this is coming across positive right now.

Affecting the September election?  It ought to be talked about but it seems that most of the parties are all huddled under the tax umbrella and no one is really anti-tax.  

TV Chatter

 If you are one to be super hyped-up on German public TV....ARD and ZDF have finally consolidated their 'library' into one single unit (250,000 programs and movies).

So you can sit there and do video-streaming with their products....via your Tab, laptop or smart-phone/smart-TV.

A big deal?  Well, public TV in Germany can now say they have the functionality similar to Netflix.

The one benefit that I see?  To be honest....for about ten weeks in summer, virtually everything on public and commercial TV in Germany....are reruns.  I can truthfully say, over the past ten days, with the exception of soccer games.....the menu offered is 'crap'.  So I've used ARD's media library and Netflix a good bit.

As for this being a big deal for most Germans?  I'd say that around a quarter of Germans are currently NOT savvy enough to grasp the smart-TV functionality and they probably will never use it.  Probably forty-percent of Germans will tell you that there's nothing they see of interest in the 250,000 programs and movies.  

Green Math Doesn't Add Up

 There was a long drawn out science and energy piece on N-TV this morning.  I'll try to tell the story in twelve lines.

So the agenda in Germany is to have a ton of E-cars around by 2030, and 'green' power producing all the electrical requirements necessary.

There's some German scientists who sat down and did the numbers, and this week....they wrote a letter to the German government.

In simple terms, green-produced energy will NOT be able to provide the power necessary for the cars, industry, and the level advertised over the past decade.

If you were reviewing the landscape....what you'd say is that either you go and buy expensive dirty energy from France, Poland or Czech (lots of it), or you went and operated a lot of coal-powered German plants.  The possibility of nuke power coming back?  Well....that gets discussed in this news piece as well.

What'll happen now?  I would assume the pro-green-energy folks will try to analyze this more....probably agreeing that somewhere in their formulas....they screwed up.  

Resolving this?  I wouldn't expect anyone from the current political scene to volunteer to chat over this or the possible ways to fix the mess.  

Gayness, Soccer, and Politics

 It's an unusual story. 

So we are in the middle of the UEFA Euro 2020 games (I know, it's 2021, but because of Covid in the summer of 2020, it got pushed to don't argue about this part of the story).

The folks in Munich got a couple of the games arranged there at the Munich Allianz-arena.  As stadiums go in Europe, I'd rate it a 5-star operation and fairly ultra-modern looking.

So around three days ago, the stadium made a decision that they'd specially light-up the rainbow colors. It's a gay statement (they even admit it).

This was as part of the build-up to the Germany versus Hungary game for Wednesday night (9 PM).

Politicians in Hungary stood up and said this was 'crap'....making this a political slam against them since they aren't ultra-supportive like the Germans on gay affairs.  

German news journalists rushed out and did basically say a majority of Germans were hyped-up positive about this.  

This decision on the rainbow lighting?  All done by the Munich city council (not the management folks of the stadium).

Well....things went 'south' this morning and the UEFA folks met.  They kinda agreed with the Hungarians, and said this was all political in context, and they weren't going to make the games into that type of 'circus' (my words, not theirs).  So the special lighting?  No, that's now forbidden.  

Done?  I doubt it.  There's probably going to be an hour on public TV news tonight....wasted on gaying-up the soccer game, and how this rainbow agenda fits into the world we live in. 

To drag this in?  Well....there's at least a thousand topics that folks would like to hype on their favorite agenda items, and once you start this....the game becomes less a game, and more about political agenda discussions.  

Protest Chatter

 This past Sunday, I spent a couple of hours in a outdoor beer-garden.  We aren't at the zero point on Covid-ban-rules yet, but it was fairly simple to walk in and register our names and address.  Cold German beer followed, with an umbrella protecting from the sun.  

It was actually a pleasant deal except for one issue...a protest.

This was at the Marktplatz area, and a 'save-the-boat-people' group was holding a protest about 300 feet away.

Total number of attendees?  Probably in the sixty to seventy range (90-percent under the age of thirty).

Total number of police monitoring things and ensuring 'peace'?  Around seven. 

With the loud speaks and propaganda chatter....about an hour of the beer-garden moment was negative.  

The folks running this?  I got the impression they were all college types, and probably from the University of Mainz (across the river).  We don't have a college in Wiesbaden except the business college, and those kids aren't the type to protest much of anything.

Around forty minutes would pass after we sat down, and the protest shifted to a march....I assume from the Marktplatz to the train station.  

As for getting people hyped up and thrilled for the 'save-the-boat-people' situation?  Well....I'd give it a '2' on a scale of one to ten.  Maybe if you were a Green Party might be hyped.  But the other 85-percent of society hasn't really felt that thrill of getting involved in this, or they ask a lot of questions which can't be answered.

As for these protests going anywhere?  No.  If out of a town of 293k only see 70-odd people standing would be the same protest level of people complaining about sugar content of Jello, or folks protesting over gaudy dress/attire of women walking the streets of Wiesbaden.  

140 Page Story

The CDU-CSU folks met over the weekend and finalized their campaign promises.  Yes, 140 pages of material.

The journalists over at Channel One pointed this out, then they pointed an obvious thing....none of the promises have a money-count or amount by them.  So while these agenda promises may sound great....if they cost a ton of money, then it makes no sense.

I had a political professor (1980s) that said of every ten promises politicians make....the odds are that one of them will get passed (being helpful), and maybe two of them will be marginally passed (with no real benefit like you thought).  I kinda view this CDU-CSU business in the same way.

The promise on being climate-neutral by 2045?  Why not make it tomorrow, and just hand everyone a horse and buggy (taking away cars)?  

My question....what idiot journalist or voter would go and read the 140-page document? you have three hours to read through some document like this and comprehend the promises?  There should be some national more than twenty pages of promises during a campaign season....something that you can read in an hour.  

Just a Word of Warning

 In about ten days....this feature of Blogger where you subscribe and get an alert to a new essay/blog that I write....closes out.  The App folks are ending the service.  

No one says much over humble guess is that they weren't making that much money from Blogger.

So, my suggestion....just make my page a hot-page on your browser, and everyday or two....pop over to read the newest and greatest (probably three or four essays), and develop a habit.