Sunday, November 11, 2012

In Prospective

There's this plan by the German take down the nuke power plants in the years to come. There are a hundred issues with the plan, but this week....the government came out with a solution to one of the problems.  Replacing the power line transmission towers to lead from new concentrations of power production will cost money.  So the government is talking about this investment idea.

The idea is simple....create a opportunity for regular people to put their savings into helping the government  You put down your savings, and the government guarantees you five percent return each year.  The minimum?  Five hundred Euro.

You have to's only a plan.  Nothing has been implemented or really discussed in the Bundestag.

The curious point to this?  You don't get much of a return on German savings account....maybe one percent or a  bit over the top of that.  For a German bank CD?  Somewhere between two and two point five percent.

What the offer make a fair number of Germans curious about the results.  How long does the money have to remain in the account....what extra rules are written over this....and is it tax-free?

For an American who has ventured into the Germany and seen the investment opportunities...this is a rare gem, if it is ever approved.  In today's market, you just can't find a guaranteed return like this.

The negative side to this deal?  Well...for you folks who do buy German energy....which is pretty much guaranteed can expect to pay more for what you get when the nuke energy is finally turned off.  You have to pay these folks their guaranteed five percent.  So there is a consequence in the end to this fine offering.  Nothing is ever free.  

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