Friday, November 2, 2012

A German Discovers His Country

This week, we learned that a German guy, and his German wife....who had converted over to Islam....came to some vast discovery of reality.

The couple bought into the various propaganda dump, and eventually believed that they could be part of a great and wonderful Pakistan.  So they pack up....swear an oath, become Muslims, and then discover that western Pakistan is some place that German just doesn't belong.

The jihad business, the camps, the nasty conditions, the extreme was all way more than he ever imagined.

It took about a year to convince him that he and the wife had signed up for something that just wasn't going to work.  But the jihad guys came back and did some serious talking, and convinced the German guy that things might get better.  They didn't.  He mentioned in court testimony this week that drug usage around his Taliban buddies was becoming a serious issue.  The guys in charge didn't care.

At some point in 2010....they apparently came to this vast realization.  The wife was pregnant....the guy had hepatitis, and nothing looked worth fighting for.  So they ran over to across the border where they were promptly apprehended and held for almost two years by the Turks while they sorted through the stories and gathered intelligence.  Then they came back to Germany where they faced some charges.

If you put yourself into the mind of this guy.....he's probably kissing German soil every single morning.  He gets a standard schnitzel every other day in jail.  He probably listens to German pop music and has a top-ten list.

He's also probably thinking about all those guys sitting back in Pakistan....doped up....listening to some Mullah lead them prayers and then order them to attack some innocent villagers.  Some guys survive....some die.....and new recruits arrive each month.

If I were the German government....I'd offer him a free exit from jail and no prison situation.  You agree to make a two-minute advertisement to explain how you got doped (in the mental sense) by some Muslim clerics who don't really care about your or your welfare.  The Mullahs want you to be stupid enough to convert, dump Germany, and fly into Pakistan to be part of some big life-adventure.   Over the last ten seconds, you'd start to explain how you really screwed up.  There's something good about Germany and German just took a while in a screwed situation and miserable figure that out.


Anonymous said...

There is something psychologically wrong with someone from the West converting to Islam - especially today, when everyone is aware of how medieval it is.

Anonymous said...

I come from Pakistan and I don't seem to recall Pakistan being as you described it. My question is, have you ever been there? No, ofcourse not, you just assume it is like that going by what your fox news and abc news tells you! you disgust me to the core.

Letters from Ripley said...

Pakistan is this place where you could be in one section and feel kinda safe and content...with folks who are moderate or neutral about their beliefs. Sadly, there's another section, where you could associate yourself with folks, to find out that they are a bit extreme, and they expect you to fall into their line of thinking.

In this case....the German guy and his into the wrong section, the wrong company, the wrong beliefs, the wrong friendships, and after a while....they came to a new reality...that this place was not what they'd signed up for.

It's not a slam against much as one against a naive German guy who expected something greater and better....and found himself in a fairly miserable situation. He eventually figured out that staying wasn't the best option. For him....luckily, life goes on.