Friday, December 14, 2012

A Hotel Story

This is a story to keep in mind during these holiday parties you might attend in Germany.

Years ago, as a contractor....we had a party at a local German castle-turned-into-a-hotel.  They had several floors and it was well built.

My division chief was a gal who was married, and she felt this would be a special she and the husband rented a room in the castle.

As evening advanced and the party started to wind down.....she told the husband that she was leaving for the room and he ought to be there in twenty minutes.

About halfway up the stairs ...up around the third floor, on her way to the fourth floor....she needed to use a toilet badly, and stopped in that hallway for a minute at the toilet next to the door.  One of the hotel folks came by and locked the toilet door, and the hallway door because this wasn't going to be rented out that night.  Naturally, they didn't check to see if anyone was in the toilet.

The husband advanced onto the room....finding no wife.  The wife was yelling and screaming in the toilet a floor below but no one could hear her.

The heat was turned off for the third the temperature started to decrease.

The husband went to the management after an hour....worried over the wife.  She wasn't to be found.  They checked the parking lot, and various locations.  I'm guessing they suggested that maybe she might with another guy (a natural Germany suspicion of things).

My boss sat there as the temp got down into the forties in the toilet, until around 6AM....when they unlocked the door.

She was peeved.  The hotel guys were sorry.  And the husband could never explain why he didn't make enough of an effort.

So bear all of this in mind for this holiday you might attend an odd party or two.

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