Saturday, December 1, 2012

Life on the Fast Lane

ADAC is the German automobile association that does a lot of research on cars, the autobahns, roads, safety, and anything automotive.  They publish a monthly magazine where a hundred significant things are laid out in a usually interesting fashion.  Well...this week, they came out with a report on toboggans....those fine and fast sleds that Germans are thrilled to operate.

It's best to say that ADAC always comes down hard on safety.  In this case.....they went out and found around two dozen toboggan runs.  The majority had issues of safety.  Barb wire was even written into the being fairly close the run.

As an American who grew up in the south....I never had the thrill of toboggans.  Through my Germany years....I did it twice, on very short hillsides....which tend to be safe.

I would offer up this advice that if you've never done it and see an opportunity while in Bavaria or anywhere in Germany for that's best to pick a simple toboggan and a short hill to get some practice.  Don't rush out to buy one....because the lack of control might eventually dawn on you while on your first run.  It's not exactly something that you can stop easily with.  So borrow or rent one....and grasp the fair amount of risk involved.

As for ADAC's comments?  Well....if you read the magazine probably would never use autobahn restrooms, eat at any restaurant on the autobahn, or ride any vehicle on a mountain pass.  That might say something.

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