Sunday, April 28, 2013

German Cars

There is a curious story which came out this past week....Bloomberg News published it....on German car sales.  It's significant to say that sales are lagging, and have been for over a year.  Dealers, and you can see various ad's in your local German paper now on a frequent basis....are running deal after generate sales.

In some cases, if you look at the amount of discount on new cars in Germany....dealers are simply moving cars and taking the lowest possible profit...just to stay in business.  It doesn't matter if we are talking Volkswagen, Audi, or BMW.

The most interesting statistic is one that comes out of Auto News....European car plants are capable of making 26 million cars a year.  Currently?  They make around 18 million cars.  The slowdown is having an affect on the whole industry.

What this all means?  If you are an American in German and desiring a new is the best time in a decade to go over to a dealer and work up a deal.  It used to be almost impossible work up a serious cut on the price of a car.....but you've got the ball in your court.  Some of the dealers are offering a thousand Euro rebate right there on the spot....something you just wouldn't get a decade ago.

Yeah, you can't bring that car back to the US, but frankly.....if you were staying around for three to four's the best time to work deals.

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