Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Germany and Pets

It's an odd story....Justin Bieber's pet monkey....flying into the Munich airport, and being seized.  Basically, whatever paperwork that Bieber's team had done....wasn't complete or absolutely documented correctly.  So the monkey is in some quarantine.

Getting out?  It could take a week or two.

Over the year's that I lived in Germany....I've seen all kinds of pet issues pop up as folks tried to bring their dogs or cats into the country.  My former boss spent a fair amount of time and effort trying to bring in his wife's birds.

Germans are strict about animals coming into the country.  If every single document is not correct....then you don't get entry.  They toss the animal into the local holding area where a vet ensures they get care and feeding, while you waste man-hours and probably several hundred Euro in getting the right forms done.

My general advice for anyone coming in for a short trip to Germany....leave your pets at home and avoid the hassle.  If you are coming for a year or more.....accept the fact that it won't be simple or cheap to bring a pet into the country.

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