Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Nightclub Story

About one a week....there's some story in the German news....which I tend to pull out and laugh over for a minute.  This is one of those.

So, this gal....young gal in search of a gentleman of sorts....was at a nightclub down in the Wurzburg area (Bavaria).  In the winter-time....Germans tend to keep the clubs a bit warm, and naturally....folks sweat excessively....as they dance and toss their butts left and right.

At some point, she needs to 'refresh' herself (Bama slang....for toilet visit).  She's got her friend, their purses, and headed off.  

There are two key items in this friend's purse....which strangely enough....look near alike.

There's the deodorant (probably nicely scented women's Right-Guard), and there's a container of pepper spray.  I had a Arlington associate one day show me her cannister....right there in the purse and I felt it was a bit worrisome....what if some happened with your hand hitting the wrong thing?  My associate didn't see this as possible.

Well....this Bavarian gal....took up the pepper spray, and sprayed a second or two of the stuff.  That was about all it took.  That bit emptied out the bathroom quickly, and the smell got into the main nightclub area.  Security in the place quickly reacted....throwing folks out of the place, and the cops got called.

Some ambulance apparently got called, and eye issues was noted by the ambulance crew for the most part.

Charges?  The club hasn't said yet.  I think they'd like to avoid publicity on this.  The cops?  Well.....stuff like this happens, and it's generally not a big deal.  They know German gals have various issues that pop up with guys at such clubs.

As for the gal?  I would imagine that it'll be a long time before she goes off to any German nightclub, and she might get a nickname out of this....."Pepper".

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