Monday, February 10, 2014

More on the Limburg Church Renovation

A couple of months ago....I blogged over the Limburg Catholic Church, and the renovation work that went up to around thirty-one million Euro (roughly $40 million).  This bishop in charge of this....Bishop Franz-Peter van Elst sent off for a while by the Vatican while in some recovery status.

The expenditure of that much money has the locals in Limburg pretty riled up, and was page one news for almost a month.  The church kinda hoped that a independent review and this disappearance of the Bishop for a while....would eventually clear the air.

Well....they probably guessed wrong.

For some reason, they felt it necessary to return the Bishop back to Limburg after this month or so in recovery.  I don't know who advises the Pope....but that was a big screw-up.

This past got out that the authorities figured out that these companies working the renovation project.....had bills that didn't conform to the whole story.  So, they kinda looked around and found this 'secretive apartment' (don't ask, secret apartments are the norm I guess).  And there's more receipts and documentation in this apartment.

All the news folks will that there's going to be a higher number than thirty-one million Euro (significantly a term used in more than one newspaper).

The anticipated shocker?  I suspect if they come out shortly and say a number of fifty million Euro....all heck will break loose.  You could have leveled the entire compound and rebuilt the place from scratch...for around twenty-five million Euro.  To suggest around fifty million was spent on renovation will wrap up the business, and encourage thousands in the region to quit the church public tax scheme.

Germany has a continual display of badly managed projects.  I would imagine if you did a public audit of one hundred construction projects.....almost all of them are built with some screw-ups, corruption, and significant greed.  Between political parties, and friends of's an open-door situation for bad management.  

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