Sunday, July 15, 2012

Germans and Chocolate

To stand in your local German grocery, and view the chocolate feel like there's ten thousand choices of chocolate.  Frankly, you might be right.  Germans take chocolate serious, and there's various brands and types of chocolate that you might run into.  Some examples?

First, there's alcohol-laced chocolate (typically seen around November and December primarily) which tempts you with some liquor added into the center.  The Asbach brand is the one that you might spot more than others.  The odds of you consuming the whole box of twenty-four squares and getting drunk? If you slammed them down in two might get some percentage of booze into your system, but you would have missed the perfect taste of alcohol and chocolate combined.

Second, there's Kinder Chocolate, made by Ferrero folks in Germany.  It's rich in milk and chocolate, and typically the type that six-year old kids would consume.  Reasonably cheap and generally consumed in vast quantities.

Third?  The Ritter Sport choice.  Ritter makes around forty different chocolates.    If you had to pick the adult choice for pure chocolate....Ritter is the one.  A guy stopping in the late afternoon for gas....with a low energy level....will eyeball the choice at the cash register, and likely buy it.

Fourth, Milka Chocolate.  The Milka folks offer up at least a dozen choices, but it's the white chocolate bar that typically is craved by people.

Fifth and final, the Alpia Chocolate Company.  They make several types of chocolate, but most revolve around nuts of some type or raisins.

After the top've probably got another fifty odd companies which make chocolate.  Usually with the top five can't go wrong.

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Troy Swezey said...

I know they are not German... Yet Germany was were a discovered Kinder Eggs and Nutella.
At least I can get one of the two in USA.
(Maybe a post about the Kinder Egg for those of us missing them?)