Sunday, July 29, 2012

Just a Moment on German Mustard

Down from the heavens....God brought mustard to the Germans, and it was blessed.

To be honest, as an really don't know mustard until you've sat down and used a bit of German mustard.

There are various brands, and my favorite is from the Thomy crowd, but there's another dozen close behind them...almost as good.

The key thing when walking through a German shop and looking at mustard will be those little phrases, which I will pass onto you.

First, mittelsharf is really middle of the line mustard which is fairly spicy and not for ultra weak.  I tend to pick this one up the most often.  It's not mild or ultra it generally fits for my style.

Second, there's süßer senf....which is mostly light spice and mild....maybe even having a honey taste to it (sweet maybe).

Third, there's scharfer senf.....which is the hottest of the choices.  Don't offer it at the table unless you warn folks.

Now, two other observations with German mustard.  Since the 1950s (maybe even earlier)....they put mustard typically into glass containers which German women will remove the wrapper at the end of use....wash the glass down, and use it for regular water drinking in the house.  You might notice your older neighbor having a dozen of these near the table and ask where to buy it.....she'll just laugh and tell you to buy and use mustard.

The other observation....Germans use mustard an awful lot.  They mix into various dishes.  When you detect some spicy taste to something....odds's the mustard.

So take care to pick and use the right type.  And when the container says sharfer means hot and spicy.

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