Monday, July 23, 2012

Just An Observation

It's not an item that will appear far and wide.....but this past week....the German federal police came out and admitted in public that they had this little computer error that had occurred.  Somehow, in the process of doing a transfer of data....the functionality of "delete" came into play.  At the end of the computer process, there was a significant amount of data which was deleted, instead of transferred.

The type of data?  Two months of data which had bugging info, e-mails, and text messages, for 2011.

The German cops won't really admit publicly just how many cases are affected, but you can figure several cases will be pretty much dropped entirely because of the lack of evidence.

Knowing the German mentality of avoiding errors....I'm betting at least a dozen analysts are looking over the entire event and trying focus on how such a thing could happen.  At the end of this....I'm just guessing here, but they will suddenly come to realize that the primary guy who would have run the software program....probably started up his summer vacation, and it was the junior guy in charge.  Maybe I'm wrong, but the timing here makes you wonder.

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