Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Boar Topic

From both the Local and various German news sources....there was a story over a wild boar attack in Germany, which injured four folks (even going to the hospital).

This kinda brings up this odd topic that most Americans might not face or think about if in Germany.....wild boar attacks.

Germany has done a great thing in pushing trails and paved walking roads out into fields and the wooded regions around towns and villages.  You can take a two-hour walk....lower your blood pressure, and feel like you are totally in nature.  The truth aren't more than a mile or two from a significant road, a small village or a urban area.

They built these roads and trails around areas where wild boars like to hang out.  I would be the first to admit that in ten might be lucky to see a deer once or twice, and maybe a fox on one occasion. Wild boars?  You might not see any.  Course, on the other might walk around the corner and be standing in front of a 200-lb wild boar.

If the boar hasn't noticed might try to quietly back yourself out of the situation.  Plan B here is to assess which trees that you might be able to quickly climb.  The worst case scenario is the wild boar is a female with piglets around her, and she wants to protect them.

How many boar attacks are reported in Germany each year?  It's hard to say.  It usually might make the local paper but never the national news, and I'm guessing that the cops really don't care to collect statistics on this.

So I don't really want to frighten you because most Germans have walked for decades and never seen a single wild boar.  Most of these urban walking trails are close enough to society.....that you probably won't find any threatening boars.  On the other side of this....when you start to drive for an hour and do some walking way out in the boonies....don't be surprised about what you run the German woods.

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