Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Robbery Story

The regional newspaper.....the Westfalen Blatt....reported this odd story.  I sat over for a while, and for an's a pretty odd adventure.

Huns, the driver of a big rig driving down the autobahn, when this one vehicle comes up and places themselves in front of his rig....slowing him slightly.  Huns doesn't pay attention, but another vehicle....likely a car...moves up from the rear.  Some nut climbs out on the hood of vehicle, and somehow, they get close enough for this idiot to open the rear door of the truck, and then jumps into the truck.

The robber now picks out boxes and throws them to an associate in the following vehicle.

All of this is happening at speeds of sixty miles per hour or more.

The cops's a gang of thieves, and there's been roughly fifty of these robberies committed so far.  Values?  Upwards to 250k Euro.

So you sit and ponder over this.  All of this occurs in the evening hours.  Imagine finding some nutcase who is willing to climb on the hood of your the darkness...with just a light focused on the back of this truck.  You are speeding along at sixty mph.  You reach out and just hope that the trucker doesn't hit his brakes.  You grab the door handle, and flip the door open.  Then you hope inside, and do your business.  At the climb on the edge and wait for your buddy to get close enough to jump.

Madness?  Yes.

I just can't think of many people who would attempt this.

A group of circus folks?  It has to involve at least one person who has spent time with a circus.  Frankly, someone will end up dead from this business eventually.  My humble guess is that some truckers will eventually put a camera on the rear of the truck and catch the thieves in the act....calling the cops and finishing off a very creative gang.  

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