Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Yeah, Those Stupid Americans, Finally Explained

John Kerry....is our our new Secretary of State.

He's visiting in Germany this week.  He got into a crowd of young Germans today.....who asked a bunch of questions. Most were confused, and felt that Americans are acting pretty stupid in world affairs.

John Kerry stood there, and spoke right back at the German crowd: "In America, you have a right to be stupid, if you want to be... and we tolerate that." My general opinion....knowing Germans pretty well....they probably stood there in shock.

No one in Germany would ever admit in public that you have the right to be stupid, or that people have to tolerate stupidity. I'm guessing they stood there for several minutes....thinking it was a bad translation, and then realized.....no, Secretary of State Kerry spoke those precise words.

It's not written down in the Constitution, or handed out by some Presidential order. It's just a simple fact.....all three hundred million of us....are allowed to be stupid.

We can cuss.

We can fuss at people who cuss.

We can buy lousy Chrysler cars.

We can drink one-star beer.

American women can flash guys at football games.

American guys can get stupid and marry some gal who will spend all their money.

American families can get credit cards and spend themselves into debt.

We can allow dead people to vote in national elections.

We can elect dead guys to Congress.

We can force school cafeterias to serve only nutritional food, then discover that no idiot high school kid will eat the nutritional food.

We can build houses on swampy soil.

We can put up $500k houses on beaches hit by hurricanes every twelve years.

We can order fools to clear out of New Orleans for a hurricane, and they will stay.

We can ask women not to show their nipples on national TV, but they do it anyway.

We can put a show like Amish Mafia on TV, and just pretend it's fake reality TV.

And we can elect about anyone into the Presidency.....because there's really no other clear choices.

I'm guessing that eighty million Germans are sitting....mostly in shock.  They just never thought that being stupid....was acceptable.  And now?  Hour upon hours will be spent....wondering if stupidity is a good thing to allow into society.  And maybe....at the end of this analysis.....twenty million Germans will suddenly drift over to occasionally act stupid....just to see how it feels.

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