Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Raids

The German news media is reporting the raids of today....aimed at seven individuals connected to the Muslim religion.

What we basically know?  These guys were developing this idea of using remote-control airplanes....the type that model enthusiasts enjoy to play with in open fields.....with explosive materials....and hit certain targets.

Roughly a hundred cops were involved in the raids.....with one report indicating a raid by Belgium cops as well.

A top-ten story?  Barely.  Even Bild placed it down around number six.

Some of the major newspapers are waiting until tomorrow's edition to really say much on the item.

The jest of this?  One could assume that the cops had been watching these guys for a while, and somewhere in their planning....they screwed up and were fairly obvious.  How big of a deal is this?  The model planes aren't of a significant size....so you'd have to use some type of plastic explosive, and the damage would have a limited scale.

Destruction of a dam?  Probably unlikely.  Destruction of a power-grid station?  Possibly.  Destruction of some aircraft attempting to land?  Possibly.  Destruction of some vessel on the Rhein River?  Possibly.  There's limits to the use of this small model-plane apparatus.

The Muslim guys?  I'm guessing they are each sitting in a private cell tonight....thinking over what they discussed, and who might have informed on them.  Maybe a cousin....maybe the wife....maybe their daughter.

The case will take weeks to develop and I doubt if anyone of these folks appear in court in 2013.  As for other Muslims around the country....engaged in planning activities?  They are likely a bit disturbed and wondering if the cops are listening in on their plans.

And the Chancellor?  She's probably sitting there and appreciating fine detective work.....but quietly wondering if her guys are absolutely one step ahead of trouble.

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