Friday, June 28, 2013

The Domino Effect

A number of years ago....I went with some folks over to a clinic, and we were all there to get a shot for a overseas traveling event.  You can imagine a line at the shot office.  They had only one lady handling the paperwork, and one nurse doing the shots.

At some point early on, as we stood there and waited patiently for this to start person got their a heavy painful emotion on their face.  Two or three people behind this first guy....some individual was watching and then suddenly....fainted.  It was a pretty dramatic fall to the floor.  The nurse got all peppy then by pulling out some alcohol bottle and dosing some tissue with it, like some smelling salts stuff.

The person behind the fainter....was watching all this unfold, and I was fixed on their face.  You could tell that a panic attack was underway, and this person was starting to breathe heavy and found herself a chair.  She didn't collapse but she was heading in that direction.

By this point....I started to get this nauseous feeling.  I turned around and just walked out the front door. I would return later after this whole mess cleared up.

Well...they had this curious event in a school in Germany.  These kids....eleven and twelve-year Remigianum's local school....were in the midst of biology.  Of course, it was a curious lesson plan....over the human body and sexuality.  The teacher wanted everyone to sit and draw up the internal and external organs of the human body.

I'm guessing that the teacher had some physical body item which they were showing everyone (the same type model that doctors use at times to show stuff.  The news folks didn't get into details, but most schools have the plastic model.

In the midst of drawing this stuff....some kid got nauseous and collapsed.  The teacher got all peppy and called for an ambulance.  You can't take chances these days.

In this moment of high stress and anxiety......kid number two then breathe heavy, and then collapses.  You can imagine the kids in the room.....lot of stress....some folks freaking out by this point.

So a third kid started to collapse and fall to the floor.

By the time that the ambulance folks arrived....six kids were in need of some assistance.

By that point, they had hustled the remaining kids out of the room....stabilized the event, and things were in control.

The school is probably a bit fearful of parents asking a bunch of questions and wanting answers that no one can rightfully answer.  Germans take this kind of event serious.

Some toxicology guy will likely come in and measure up mold in the room and check for chemicals.  But what you really have is a chain reaction of kids.

Journalists don't really say much about the teacher, but I'm guessing the teacher is a bit overcome by the entire event and likely taking a day or two off.  Some psychological expert likely will come and discuss the matter with the director and the regional school boss.   It'll be a simple explanation.

Months from now, in a new school year....some kids will remember this event, and probably all get uneasy just thinking about what happened.....and maybe trigger another such event.  You can't tell.

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