Saturday, August 2, 2014

Berlin Airport Tour?

I admire Germans at times....for being creative....even in the midst of a chaotic mess.

This week, it came out that a mini-tour of the new Berlin Airport (BER) is now possible.  Yeah, the one that is still closed, four years after it was supposed to have opened, and it might be 2017 before they fix all the problems.

The mini-tour?  By bus.  It's roughly eleven Euro, and leaves out of Schonfeld (the nearby airport that has existed for more than fifty years).  You basically ride out to the edge of the airport...get a chance to climb a tower that gives you a 360-degree view, and then the bus makes a round-circle of the complex.  It's apparently all in German.....not enough English visitors to make it worth the time.

The bike tours? can ride your bike up to the BER Airport (they won't supply bikes apparently) fifteen Euro (it gives you a box lunch as part of the deal), and some guy will lead you on a tour of the incomplete airport.  Days?  Well...presently only Saturday and Sunday....around 2PM each day.  Based on the appears to be a two-hour ride around the airport.

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