Monday, August 11, 2014

The Bus Tour

I always point these efforts by Europeans to "go cheap" on vacations and cut corners....which usually ends in disaster.

Well....these Brits operate a cheap European bus service....going from London to Paris for like forty Euro, or Frankfurt to Berlin for sixteen Euro.

So, there was this London to Spanish Rivera bus run...over the weekend.  You get a cheap price.....and fourteen hours later you cross over the Channel and are at the location of this beachfront town in Spain.

On this they stopped at some interstate gas station for everyone to get out...stretch their legs....grab a soda and give the driver some rest....something occurs that isn't normal.  Cops walk up....ask questions....check the driver's ID....and arrest him.  No discussion with the passengers....just taking the guy and gone.

You can imagine these folks.....having gone on the "cheap"....standing there and finally calling back to London to the company.  According to the news took around twelve hours for the bus company to find a driver, and get him to the location.

So the passengers quietly sat the bus....laying out as much as you can under the circumstances.  There's probably ample situations for a movie here, but I doubt if it'd really have much to tell....other than a bunch of cranky folks talking negative about going cheaply on a bus, and how their whole vacation was spoiled (never mind the fact they were likely staying at a two-star hotel with cockroaches.

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