Friday, August 8, 2014

The German Police Station Attack

Islam war has come to Germany.  I's probably forty stages down from war, but  Germans haven't really felt a situation like this in decades.

What the news folks in Germany have been trying to tell for a story for the last two or three weeks is that there's big trouble brewing in Iraq with ISIS, and all of this goes back to the US involvement in Iraq and it's failures.

Yeah, I's a bit slanted, but this is the German version of reality.  The British have a slightly different do the Russians....and even the Cubans probably have their version.

For days, things have been going up on the stress meter of Muslims living in Germany.  A lot of this went toward Israel and it's efforts against Hamas.  In this news slant.....children of Palestinians were always hurt or killed.  The storage of Hamas missiles in the Palestinian school?  Well.....that was kinda missed on the stories.  The tunnels?  Yeah, that was lost too.

So yesterday came this curious episode up in the Hannover area of Germany.  The Kurd Muslims were going up against the ISIS Muslims, toward the end of the day....there's big unusual episode that brews.  Some Islamic gal ran over to a German police station and said she was going to be forced into a marriage with a Salifist Muslim guy.  She didn't desire the cops kept her at the station for her protection.

Last night....friends of the groom arrived.  Maybe 200 of them total from what the news folks say.  A riot broke out, and they attacked the police station.  I'm not sure if this was more than thumping on the door, or just some yelling.  What the cops say is that no one was injured, and that the band of disturbed Muslims eventually all left and returned home.

The gal?  No mention.  I'm guessing she's in protective hands, and won't go back to her family who were arranging this forced marriage.

Where does this lead Germans?

Well....if you ask a hundred Germans over eighteen years old about ISIS and this Muslim stuff....barely a dozen will be able to state four simple facts over the whole developing Iraq episode.  Most Germans will say they know nothing.

Attacking a cop station?  Pretty stupid, and ninety-percent of Germans will get aggravated about some foreign Muslim group doing this.

The forced marriage business?  Pretty negative on the German scale.....with around ninety-nine percent condemning the practice.

All of this leads the typical German to grit their teeth and go one-ounce down on the negativity scale against Muslims and their religion.

You can always find a political group....usually the side with Muslim politics.  So, there's still some enthusiasm to stay positive and friendly with Muslims in Germany.

The expected trend?  Summer usually works wonders with riot participation, and as fall arrives with rains and cooler temperatures....folks start to stay home.  Sadly, we've got at least a hundred days left for some bad stuff to occur.

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