Thursday, April 2, 2015

Nazis, Ku Klux Klan and Intrigue

It's one of those odd stories out of Germany that will require more evidence.

An effort was made about a decade ago to start a Ku Klux Klan operation in Germany.  The original group of people curious in joining?  German cops.  So the story goes.

For a long time, it was simply known that only two cops had gotten into the situation.  Yesterday.....the news media says that at least twenty German cops were interested and might have joined.

The Interior Ministry has admitted this new twist to the story and an investigation will start up.

But there's another second part to the story.  From the two cops who were in the original was the supervisor of a dead Heilbronn cop from 2007 (Michele Kiesewetter was the female cop killed, with a shot to the head) on 25 April 2007.  A second cop was accompanying her in the parking garage, and he was critically injured with a shot to the head as well.....but survived.

Two separate shooters in the Heilbronn episode?  Well....two separate guns were used (a Russian-made TT-33 and a Polish-made VIS-35).  So you'd get the impression that guys were in the garage and confronted the two cops.

Oddly enough....DNA evidence led folks to the "Phantom Killer"....a bogus unknown killer who'd whacked around a dozen folks over a three-year period.  Around two years after the shooting, the cops woke up and realized that their DNA swabs were contaminated and there never was a Phantom Killer (most likely the DNA of some gal at the swab factory in Austria).

A connection between the Ku Klux Klan deal and the dead cop?  At this point, NO.  However, it's just odd that the one of the two names that they are sure about with having joined the Klan....was the supervisor of Kiesewetter (the dead female cop).

Here's the other odd thing about this story.  The recent German court action against the NSU (the Nazi murders of some Turks from a decade ago).....has hinted that there might be a connection between the Nazis (NSU) and the Ku Klux Klan.  Yeah, this gets to a pretty weird point, with only stories and no real proof.  But they are digging into this and you can't predict where this will go.

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