Wednesday, April 1, 2015

New Meat Rule in Germany

There's a new rule in effect here in Germany, as of today.  The rule says....when you go to the grocery or butcher....there's to be a notice on the packing to indicate where the animal was grown, and slaughtered.  Deli meats are exempt from the rule.

The deal?

Germans over the past decade have had to face several crisis episodes where horse-meat got mixed into regular meat's best not to ask how this occurred.  Then they figured out that some corrupt companies were buying up beef and pork in countries like Romania or Bulgaria.....then transporting them into Germany.....pretending that the butchered meat was German meat.

How difficult will this make the process of proper identification?  You can imagine some company buy tons and tons of having to be careful that they always buy it from the same farming that they stay legit.

Could you still sneak around the deal?   Well.....yeah.  You run a truck from Bulgaria to Bavaria with hogs.....unloading them at Farmer Schmidt's place and they sit around for a week before Farmer Schmidt sells them to the butcher they are German hogs for all practical purposes.

What this will do for a brief period is push beef and pork prices up....then some corrupt guys will figure out the work-around and get into the business again.

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