Thursday, April 2, 2015

The "Day of Truth"

It's a nifty phrase.  The day of truth.

Here in Hessen, with the episode of 10 February when the construction folks did 'something' to dislodge the Schiersteiner Bridge and shut it down completely.....there's been this massive repair job underway.

It's been a shocker for the public who simply assumed that the three bridges in the local area of Mainz and Wiesbaden were sufficient and never anticipated that you'd have one bridge entirely shut down.

Today will be a test of the repair work and a determination will be made if they can reopen sometime next week.

Roughly 90,000 cars normally would cross the Schiersteiner Bridge on a daily basis.  They've all had to reroute to another alternate deal.  The cost to business operations?  Probably several million a day.
To be honest....what they say is that the test ought to be positive and there's a 95-to-96 percent of success.  Frankly, that isn't the best kind of goal to have.  A failure with this test?  This could set the whole thing back another four weeks minimum.

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