Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another Shooting Story

Over near where I lived for fifteen-odd years in the Kaiserslautern area....they had a shooting on Monday, in Weilerbach.  The best we can say is that a older guy (around 78) walked into the town's only doctor's office, run by two older doctors (63 and 48, but don't ask me why the ages of the doctor matter).  He shot both dead and wounded a nurse in the operation as well.

The old guy takes off on his scooter....shoots wildly at the cops arriving at the scene, drives back to his house and awaits the cop's arrival.  The old guy shoots himself as they break into the house.

The discussion so far?  Talk has it that the old guy had finally be diagnosed with cancer, and wasn't very happy about the situation.  I'm guessing the doctors at the local clinic had scheduled him for tests after enough health issues, and someone had suggested that if it'd been found earlier....he might have survived.  Just a humble guess.

The town now is without any doctors, and for a town of 4,500's a pretty serious issue.  Someone will eventually take over the clinic operation, but that's months away.  So every single clinic for miles going to be a magnet now for these Weilerbach folks.  The chances of being stalled on appointments?  Pretty high, if you ask me.

As for the old guy having a gun?  Well, the cops will check out this whole thing and I suspect that he will be found with a license and right to hold a gun.  His mental stability will be called into question and folks will again ask if it's not time to require yearly mental exams for guys with guns.  

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