Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Shooting Story

Years ago, I had an associate in Germany who had gone out with a real estate person to look at a potential house to rent.  They had pulled up to a stop light with a car in front of them.  My associate began to notice the car in front of them.....rocking back and forth.  Then he and the real estate noted that the couple in the car were literally fighting....fists flying...elbows being jabbed...etc.  Light turns green, and they drive on.  Probably a husband and wife, but you just don't know.  The thing is....they were able to go up to a major frustration level....fight this out....and then the light turned green, and things simmered down real quick.

The Stuttgart Zeitung newspaper reports an episode from yesterday....some wife (48 years old)...must have gotten into a pretty serious argument while sitting in the car....pulls a pistol while they are driving, and shoots the husband (age 63).  With the luck of things, he's able to bring the car to a halt....stumbles out....but eventually dies from the gunshot wound.

The wife simply walks off from the car, but the cops eventually capture her.  So far, no one is talking over the argument or what drove her to shoot the guy.

My humble guess is that some good defense lawyer will point out several failings with the husband, and the wife was on some kind of medication....and the wife ends up with just a couple of years in prison at best.

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