Sunday, March 4, 2012

Movie Review

This is a movie review for Rubbel Die Katz.  It's been out for a couple of months now.  With German's mostly hit or miss, with little in the middle.  This is what I'd consider as a hit.

The basic theme is this German actor who'd like to get a big-time role, and he's finally offered a deal....but only as a woman, and he has to lie his way through the audition to get this role.  His manager, his brother, would do just about anything to get him the job.  The script, I will say....has to bend over backwards in making you think he's a gal.  But it does a decent job.

If you can get this in might find it fairly interesting.  The curious part of the movie involves the American director.....who acts typically American, and probably steals several of the major scenes in the movie. And the Hitler scenes?  Five-star humor.

So if you have two hours to spend in a kino....I'd recommend the movie.  And this guy, Matthias Schweighofer.....I'm thinking he's got the potential to be a Hugh Grant one day.

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