Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ten Things About Bratwursts

1.  Yes, it is a over-sized sausage of sorts.  It's the common dish of Germans on the run....pluck down around 1.50 Euro, and you get the bratwurst on a bun, with mustard.

2.  Even though a crispy Bratwurst looks pretty will find that a under-cooked wurst is not a good idea.  So a little crispy isn't bad.

3.  There are various wursts that you can cook like hotdogs, in hot water.  Personally, the open grill Bratwurst is the best.

4.  There are forty types of wurst.....but the Bratwurst is the general all-purpose wurst that just about everyone will accept.

5.  Your three possible things to accompany the Bratwurst?  Potato salad, sauerkraut, or pommes frites (fries).  To drink with it? is overwhelmingly preferred but a soda is ok.

6.  A bad Bratwurst?  I will say this.....there are cheap ingredients and you could stop at a local find an awful cheap Brat, and you know by the second just won't get any better.  Toss it away and accept the fact that you had a cheap one.

7.  Do not, as an American, try to compare it to a hot dog. It simply doesn't compare like that.  When you make some silly statement like you think it's similar to a hot simply get the German next to you all upset and they start arguing that you don't know anything.

8.  Yeah, the German bun is a quarter of the size of the Brat, and it's always been that way and it'll never change.  Usually, you dab some heavy mustard on both ends and eat your way down to the bun.  And remember, there's usually two mustard.....the regular and hot.

9.  It does have an element of grease to if that generally bothers you.....don't eat it.

10.  If you buy them at the grocery....remember, there are pre-cooked and uncooked Brats.  The uncooked ones are pink in nature, and you really must cook them through.  If these are need to grill them a a minimum.  Never eat a uncooked Brat own humble advice.

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