Monday, April 16, 2012

3096, the Movie

In a couple of weeks.....there's a film crew which will start the production of "3096", the story of how ten-year old Austrian Natascha Kampusch was kidnapped, and held for roughly eight years (or 3,096 days).

I've been waiting on this to occur since 2006, when she escaped.  For a few brief weeks in 2006, this was the number one news story of the day...and lingered for a long time.  Within the German population, there was a great deal of interest.  I think Natascha was probably one of the most recognized individuals walking the streets at the time.

From an American prospective, it was a dramatic story which should be put to film.  Weeks after the escape, she agreed to one simple interview on German TV.  For a kid, raised in a virtual jail of a garage basement area for 3,096 days.....she came across remarkably intelligent.  She admitted at one point, that she had survived without TV.....having only access to a radio.  Her vast world.....was simply voices.

I will admit, there are various holes in the story that she never has really filled in.  We know the kidnapper killed himself on the day that she escaped.  But we are left with the initial kidnapping report of two men involved.....which no one has ever challenged Natascha to any degree on.  We know that the kidnapper occasionally took her out of the basement garage, yet she never attempted to escape on those occasions.

My humble guess is that the movie will try to tell the story....yet leave people with question marks.....which just can't be answered.  I'd expect this to be the most interesting movie of 2013.

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